Easily Create, Collect, and Share Videos

VideoRequest by Insightpath, helps you collect videos, create videos and send video messages to share with prospects, highlight your company culture, promote events and so much more!

Customer Testimonials

Showcase your clients discussing your product or service to build trust with prospects. 


Ask applicants for a video cover letter or have employees share why they love your company.

Event Marketing

Highlight your event speakers and ask attendees to share about their experiences.

Customer Highlight

Showcase Your Company with Video

Skip is using VideoRequest for customer testimonials and also for marketing video content.

“Insightpath’s new product VideoRequest…I’m in love with this! It makes getting video testimonials and even written testimonials from your clients so simple and easy.”

Build trust with your prospects through authentic customer videos
about your product or service.


We understand the time and money it takes to produce videos to meet your organization’s needs.  It does not have to be such a complex process.

With VideoRequest, creating effective videos has never been easier.  Simply share a dedicated URL or QR code with anyone for them to create a video, collect their video, and share their video with the world.

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