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Our Mission

To help our customers create brilliant products, offer outstanding service and make world-class organizations.

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Our Values

Honesty, transparency and professionalism are always front and center when supporting our customers.

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Our Methodology

We aim to provide you with a tool that is so easy to use and intuitive that it blends into the background so that you can focus on your business.

Terry Nawrot

Terry Nawrot


Nawrot is the CEO of Insightpath and the co-founder and Managing Partner for SpringStart, an early stage investor in Saratoga Springs, NY. Nawrot was formerly the COO of Informz, an email marketing company that she joined in 2005 and sold to Higher Logic in 2017. Nawrot led sales, marketing, product management, customer service and operations teams. Prior to Informz, Nawrot worked in the publishing industry with Delmar Thompson Learning (currently Cengage) and for MapInfo (currently Pitney Bowes).

Joe Tyler

Joe Tyler


Tyler is the CTO of Insightpath and the co-founder and Managing Partner for SpringStart, an early stage investor in Saratoga Springs, NY. Tyler was formerly the CEO of Informz, a company that he founded in 1997 and sold to Higher Logic in 2017.

Joe has a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, a MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and is a former US Army officer.

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How we got here

Tyler and Nawrot jointly grew their prior company Informz from a small startup to a 70-person organization with over 1500 clients. They focused on creating a great company culture through their communication initiatives, accountability, giving back to the community, providing an award-winning work environment and family friendly employee benefits.

Tyler and Nawrot made the decision in early 2017 to sell Informz as a result of the consolidation of the technology vendors in the association space. They left Informz at this time and began SpringStart, a venture capital company for early stage startups. The decision to create this type of business came from the thrill of starting a company and watching it flourish into the company it is today.

Insightpath, LLC is the first company created under SpringStart. The idea for this company came from several meetings with business professionals. After receiving the same answer when asked about conducting and collecting customer feedback, the product idea was born. Many businesses struggle with conducting customer feedback interviews because it takes time to connect with customers, gather and organize the feedback and interpreting the data once collected. The product is designed to help organizations collect information from customer feedback interviews in an organized and structured way. It provides key data analytics that will guide users to uncovering important business problems, discover new product ideas and improve process within their organization.

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