Building Stronger Engagement with Your Members

March 2, 2021

Successful membership organizations should offer the best products and services to build up members and continue renewal. Once members have joined, it’s important not to take that membership for granted. It is then necessary to focus on keeping that person as a member. Some simple ways to ensure renewal and keeping your members engaged are:

  1. Showing members the value they get from their membership.
  2. Paying attention to what members need and want from you.

Show the Value of Your Membership

Keeping your members engaged with your organization is a great way to show them the value they get from their membership. Remind your members of all the good your organization is doing. Show them how their membership dollars are being put to use by your organization.

Some tactical ways to keep members engaged are to create a community on social media or your website for members to share how they help your organization. Additionally, send out a monthly newsletter to your members sharing updates and insights on what you are working on.  Getting your current members more involved with your organization will help keep you top of mind to ensure continued renewal.

Having members who are engaged with your organization is also useful when working with prospective members. Showing prospects how your members are engaged and interacting with your organization will get them excited about joining.

Listen to Your Current Members

While it is essential to keep your members engaged, it is just as important to listen to use your membership as a source of feedback. Your current members may have questions or issues pertaining to their membership that your membership team can address. Periodically interview members to ensure your organization is meeting their needs and learn about issues that relate to them.

For example, ask your members if they are taking full advantage of their membership benefits. Perhaps some benefits are not as relevant to your members or maybe there are additional benefits that interest them. Getting feedback from your current members provides insight into your audience which can also help you when recruiting new members.

Listening to your members and learning what they need from you is essential to keeping membership renewals high and will make your current members feel heard. Indeed, acting on feedback from your members shows your organization’s commitment to your members and can help to inspire more brand loyalists.

Take Your Insights Further

With this wealth of knowledge from your members, take this feedback and share it within your organization. Perhaps the feedback told you that members were not using a particular benefit, or the most valuable benefit to the members. Show your team the insights you gleaned from your members and continue to solicit feedback from your members to further grow your audience and increase renewals.

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