Automated invitation process means connecting faster

Successfully connect with your customers by using our proven invitation process.

The use of automation, time-tested content and a variety of touch points significantly increases the number of meetings scheduled.

online scheduling


Online scheduling to find the best day and time to meet

There is no going back and forth trying to match schedules.

Our integrated calendar feature allows you to connect your calendar, enter your availability and easily connect with customers. Never worry about keeping your calendar in sync, we will do it for you.


Guided templates to get you started

Scripts and questions are available to help get you started quickly.

Whether you are looking to capture customer feedback about your product or talk to customers about a new idea, everyone in your organization will follow the same format to ensure data consistency.

guided templates for consistency

The voice of your customer is a critical input to the success of your business. If you are serious about listening to your customers, you need Insightpath to help you organize the process. You won’t regret it.”

Charlie Boland

Director of Market Success, Hometown Healthcare

list of top priorities

Task Dashboard

Tasks ensure you get things done

Assign your team tasks from each meeting and track progress to completion.

Solve issues faster and hold people accountable with the task dashboard.


Listen more with meeting recording

Keep track of what was said in a meeting to verify you captured the right information.

Recording keeps an accurate representation of the conversation and makes it easy to play back and analyze.

guided templates for consistency
quantitative analytics


Qualitative analytics to make data-driven decisions

Track data collected from meetings to analyze trends, identify issues, create new ideas and make process improvements across your organization.

Connect using our integration to keep your database synchronized.

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