Easy Setup

3 Simple Steps

  1. Ask your customer for a video testimonial and share with them a dedicated link or QR code.                        

  2. Your customer will use that link to record their video with one click. VideoRequest will alert you when a video has been recorded.
  3. Share your customer video on your website, in marketing materials, or anywhere you interact with prospects.

VideoRequest makes it easy to ask customers to provide a quick testimonial about their experience with your product or service.

guided templates for consistency

Guided Directions

Customize Your Customer Experience

After clicking their dedicated link or scanning a QR code, customers are guided through the process of recording their video testimonial. All elements of this guided process are customizable, including:

  • Company branding on the page customers see.
  • Personalize the message for your customer as they record a video.
  • Write a thank you message or provide a special offer.
  • Give customers the option to leave a written response instead of video.

Video Clips

Editing Tools

Once a video has been created, you can edit the video right in VideoRequest. VideoRequest’s video editing tool helps you highlight the parts of the video you want to keep and creates a clip for you to share.

Video editing no longer has to be complicated. VideoRequest’s platform makes snipping video clips simple and makes it easy to add text and overlays.

guided templates for consistency

VideoRequest takes care of all permissions.

Never worry about sharing a video, we have you covered!

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Share Your Videos

Galleries & Reels

Once you’ve collected great video testimonials from your customers, VideoRequest makes it easy to share them with the world. Our platform allows you to embed your videos on your website, in emails, and on social media. 

VideoRequest lets you take sharing to the next level with galleries and reels. Create a video gallery to display all your best video testimonials in one page that you can share with prospective customers. Combine multiple videos into one with reels, another method for easy sharing.

Video Messaging

Respond to a Video with Video

VideoRequest users have the option to create a video and email it with the ability for others to respond back with a video. VideoRequest tracks clicks, video playback, and replies, so you are able to view important video metrics. 

With Video Messaging, users can foster a more human connection with their correspondents. Salespeople can send a video message of themselves to their prospects to build an authentic connection. HR can engage with prospective candidates by introducing team members through video or sending thank you videos to applicants. 

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Contact Management

Generate New Leads

VideoRequest allows people outside of your contact base to submit videos using your link or QR code, (for example, an attendee at a conference).

Transfer all new contacts directly to your own CRM using our Zapier integration or manage them within VideoRequest.

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