Insightpath, LLC Launching New Technology Product

July 4, 2020



Entrepreneurs bring innovative organizational feedback tool to market

[SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, July 2020] – Insightpath, LLC, a new organizational feedback technology company, is launching its flagship product this month. The Insightpath product helps organizations get feedback from customers, prospects and employees through live interviews. Companies attempting to gather and use customer and employee feedback know the challenges involved in scheduling meetings, conducting interviews and analyzing results. Insightpath eases the burden of those challenges.

Customer success, product management, marketing, sales and human resources are among the diverse areas within an organization that play a key role in capturing this information; therefore, they need an easy-to-use integrated technology solution like Insightpath.

Features of this solution include:

  • Multi-touch automated invitation processing
  • Integration capabilities to connect multiple solutions
  • Interview templates to help ask the right questions
  • Qualitative analytics to clearly see problems and share with internal teams

Organizations looking to build deeper relationships with customers and employees will benefit from this type of new technology.

Co-founders Terry Nawrot, CEO and Joe Tyler, CTO of Insightpath, LLC are entrepreneurs with years of experience in providing Software as a Service. The idea for Insightpath came from running their last company, Informz, a marketing automation solution. Nawrot and Tyler created Insightpath based on the experience of interviewing hundreds of clients and sitting down with employees to gather feedback, which helped improve and grow the business.

“We spent significant time with customers and employees to capture feedback to use in strategic planning. This wasn’t an easy process, but it was worthwhile. Our process was spreadsheets, Word documents, and back and forth emails. Once we concluded our meetings, it was difficult to share knowledge and track action items. This solution provides a streamlined process to conduct interviews with fewer disconnects,” said Nawrot.

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