Better Products

Have a product that isn’t selling?

The most efficient way to build a new product or feature is by collecting customer feedback. Typically, the problem you think you need to solve is not one that your customers want you to solve.

Insightpath’s solution is designed to understand what customers want. We make it easy to ask the right questions, dive deeper into the conversation and capture important information in a consistent and organized way.

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Solve Problems

Turnover rate hurting your bottom line?

Customers and employees have a lot to say, but many times companies aren’t listening. By constantly reaching out, asking the right questions and listening to what they have to say, you will identify issues and solve problems faster.

Insightpath provides a way to conduct feedback interviews through a structured, easy-to-use process, allowing organizations to fix issues and build stronger relationships.

Improve Process

Spending too much on high cost resources?

As a company grows, the costs to support growth increases. Understanding where there are breakdowns in process and inefficiencies will help you know what is needed to improve productivity and grow your company.

Insightpath organizes and tracks meetings, whether you are talking with prospects, onboarding new customers or checking in with employees. The more organized the meetings, the more information you collect, and the quicker you can make positive changes!

Insightpath desk view - connect, listen and act

Our focus at Sierra is on retention and with the use of InsightPath we now have insight into how our customers feel and what they need and can quickly act on providing a better customer experience.

Joyce Wells

Manager of Customer Success, Sierra Interactive

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