Connect Faster

Are scheduling issues getting in the way of productive meetings?

Too often we spend more time than necessary going back and forth with people trying to find the best time to meet. We shouldn’t be spending more time on scheduling than we do on the meetings themselves. 

With Insightpath’s automated scheduling tool and integrated calendar feature, going back and forth with your connections is a thing of the past. Spend more time focusing on what matters, meeting and connecting with customers, employees and growing your network. 

Insightpath desk view - connect, listen and act
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Listen More

Are you aware of how your brand is perceived?

Listening to your audience is one of the most valuable strategies for your business. Learning directly from your customers about your product will tell you about things you may not be aware of, whether they are issues or areas of potential growth.

Insightpath’s solution makes listening to these conversations simple. With recording, transcription and data tracking, you can focus on what is being said and take steps to improve.

Take Action

Are you struggling to turn feedback into actions?

Don’t let feedback go to waste. Take what was discussed in meetings and act on it quickly, making positive changes across your organization.

Insightpath’s all-encompassing awareness into your meeting data and customized task boards to track tasks, help you turn those qualitative metrics into actual business growth.

Insightpath desk view - connect, listen and act

Our focus at Sierra is on retention and with the use of InsightPath we now have insight into how our customers feel and what they need and can quickly act on providing a better customer experience.

Joyce Wells

Manager of Customer Success, Sierra Interactive

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