Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to add videos to your marketing strategy?

  • Videos are essential for businesses but can be challenging to create.
  • VideoRequest allows you to collect, edit, and share videos on your website, social media platforms, or in email campaigns.
  • VideoRequest is an easy-to-use video marketing software that can be used to collect, create, and track video performance.
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Cost Effective

Do you lack the budget or the team required for video creation?

  • Video creation is notoriously expensive and time consuming.
  • We offer a variety of pricing plans so you can create videos on your budget.
  • VideoRequest streamlines the video process so you can create videos even if you are a video novice or if you don’t have a dedicated video team.

Use Cases

Does your organization aim to distribute video content across a variety of departments?

  • Sales: Salespeople can use video to introduce themselves, explain the selling points, benefits, next steps, and thanks the prospect. 
  • Onboarding: Customer Success reps can create videos to introduce themselves, share tips, answer frequently asked questions, and walk through product set up. 
  • Customer Support: Customers can submit videos alongside their support ticket to illustrate their issue. Customer support representatives can respond with a video explaining the resolution.
  • Human Resources: Invite applicants to submit a video cover letter alongside their resume explaining their experience and their interest in this role.
  • And more!
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We are a global business network. We use VideoRequest because we have a growing network of people and capturing testimonials with them locally is no longer possible. It is a fantastic tool for that purpose. It’s also very well supported by the team. They are so responsive and always coming up with new innovations. Glad we found the product and I highly recommend using it.

James West

Co-Founder, ONLE Networking Group

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